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Oh, I tend to like Serif more. But it depends on context.

this author I’m friendly with has a nice, clean site that gives good information. It also has a few books and links to other writings without feeling busy. And it provides links to downloads of the author photo and the cover art, which I thought was smart. Anyway, FYI...


There’s a strong visual element in his books, so this is heavy on that, but it’s still clean and also well-written. He doesn’t seem to have a newsletter, and that is apparently really important. I’ll talk more about that when I send you those long-promised notes. . .

The Young Adult Round Table (YART) at the Texas Library Association (TLA, link to this: meeting in San Antonio, Texas.

Chilling Tales to Keep You Up at Night: YA Horror and Dark Fantasy

Panel Discussion

Thursday, April 20th from 3:00 – 4:00 pm