Thank You

I have some new people to thank. I was lucky enough to attend the Texas Library Association Meeting in San Antonio this past week, and I had a fantastic time. Librarians are heroes, and their passion for books and commitment to putting the right book in the right reader’s hands is so inspiring. I was so lucky to get to meet so many librarians and was so flattered by their interest in The Beast Is an Animal. I’m very grateful to the Texas Library Association for inviting me, and especially to meetings coordinator Anne Glasgow and panel moderator, librarian Donna Maher. I’m also grateful to the other YA Horror and Fantasy panelists I appeared with—Kim Liggett, Courtney Alameda, and Kara Thomas. It was lots of fun. I’m continuously blessed to be published by Margaret K. McElderry Books. My publisher, Justin Chanda, and editor, Karen Wojtyla, were both at the meeting and in addition to talking up my book to everyone, they treated me and the other S&S authors to some lovely dinners. And the marketing staff worked tirelessly—especially the ever-kind and charming Anthony Parisi, Nick Elliot, Christine Naulty, and Amy Beaudoin.

Peternelle van